Eduardo Fuentes

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About Eduardo

Eduardo Fuentes

College senior and aspiring journalist. Minor in social media marketing. Hoping to help innovate and shape the future of journalism in a positive way to fit and expand the mold of today’s society. I’m a diverse writer and having a passion for sports, music, television, film, politics, and the news of yesterday and today. I’m well-versed with social media and I am an active member of the online community. I have gained a lot of experience in the tendencies of the online universe and I am learning how and what to market to consumers everyday. My writing is topical, factual, and at times, opinion-based. I’ve always found it easy to tell a story and connect to a wider audience through writing and I hope to continue to do so in the future.

I’m unique, opinionated, and hard-working. I hope to be achieve my goal of becoming a columnist for a major news outlet like The New York Times, ESPN, The Washington Post, Fox Sports, The Miami Herald, etc.



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