I recently moved out of New Orleans after two years that went by WAY too fast. The memories of the time I spent here have blossomed in my heart more than I would have ever dreamed. I now “know what it means to miss New Orleans”  Here is my personal bucket list. I tried to keep it simple! Enjoy (:


Eat a beignet 

If you prefer to go for the classics, visit Cafe du Monde and Morning Call, but if you’re feeling adventurous find some filled or flavored ones around town. Either way if you manage to avoid a powdered sugar shower you’ve accomplished more than anyone I’ve ever known.


Visit City Park

This park is just beautiful. You could spend a whole day here eating, playing, and admiring sculptures as well as art at NOMA. You can often find various festivals and events happening here as well.


Experience Mardi Gras

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