Click the link below to watch the video and check out the rest of the post for a review of my experience at the Chance The Rapper concert!

Chance The Rapper Concert Video

“This ain’t the intro, this the entree”

Had the CHANCE (haha get it) to see one of my favorite artists in the game last Tuesday and it was everything I could’ve asked for and then some.

Aside from the hard hits like “No Problem” “I’m the One” and “All Night” the show was as much gospel as it was hip-hop and I couldn’t have loved it more.

I went with my buddy Matt and he went so far as to call it “the best rap/gospel concert I’ve ever been to,” and that boy goes to A LOOOOOOOT of shows.

Chance definitely kept up that loose and easy going personality he’s known for having while on stage and you could tell that the love he had for his fans was reciprocated right back.

The best part of the tour has to be that it’s gotta feel like some kind of victory lap for Chance after the year he’s had all while remaining independent.

The graphics during “No Problem” made fun of record labels like Universal and Warner Music Group by changing the label names to Undiverse and Weiner Music Group and the crowd loved every second of it.

The two girls that sat next to us were Chance veterans and had been to his old shows at the Fillmore since way before he hit the mainstream.

They knew every song and every lyric and it was as impressive and hot as it was intimidating because I’m not used to having anyone in the room know more words than I do.

But it goes to show how loyal Chance fans are and how much his music resonates with his audience.

I also have to add that Chance fans have to be some of the nicest people I’ve ever come across at a concert.

I asked a stranger to snap a quick picture of me in front of the Be Encouraged Tour graphic on the first floor and while most people would just snap a quick picture and move on, this dude squatted down without hesitation just to get some good lighting and angles for the shot.

I mean…that’s a real one.

Aside from the amazing fan base and show, the Miami crowd brought it like always and the energy level was through the roof even during Chance’s opener, DJ Oreo, who put on a show in his own right.

The one thing that resonated with me the whole night was the “music is all we got” theme and I think it’s that kind of mentality that brings fan bases and hardcore music lovers together for a two hour show like what we had at the Be Encouraged show.

So if you ever see that Chance is heading to an arena near you, don’t hesitate cause I can’t imagine another artist who can take you to the club and to church like this all at the same time.

“Cause when the praises go up, the blessings come down”