What is family without loyalty?

A man who validates his loyalty by only repetition of his oath to it is a man with questionable honor. Loyalty is not a phrase to loosely throw around. Loyalty is shown through action, through time, through sacrifice and compromise.

Loyalty is a trait that we’ve lacked to hold steady as individuals in our everyday lives. We may not be loyal in all aspects of our lives, but loyalty where it truly matters is what creates incredible relationships and memories that go far beyond the detriment of our oaths.

But even the most loyal will reach their breaking point eventually, but that doesn’t mean it’s cause for repent. Sure, the initial sting will get you. When you’re used to a routine for over 13 years, you’ve forgotten what life was like before it.

“The biggest thing is to let your voice be heard. Let your story be heard”

So today I mourn not with the heart of a lost life, but a loss of my 13 year routine and devotion. And although the wounds are still fresh, I fall back on a plethora of memories and moments and repress all Ill emotions.

You are our Jordan in every sense of the phrase. Through loyalty and commitment you’ve brought us titles, you’ve brought us drama, you’ve brought us excitement, but most importantly, you’ve brought us together.

Miami was not a basketball town before you. Basketball played second and third fiddle, but you’ve changed the landscape of this city and it’s devoted fans.

My home in Miami did not make me a Heat fan, my admiration for you made me a Heat fan. You’ve gone far beyond the realm of basketball in Miami. In Miami you’ll always have a home and no amount of keys to the city could ever repay your loyalty and sacrifice to our city and to our organization.

I could sit here and pick out games and shots that stick out, but it wouldn’t do my admiration any justice. I’m not here to be a statistician and talk about numbers. I’m here to express my admiration to your loyalty and love for all of us.

We’ll miss you. Although you’ll only be a single time zone away, it’ll always feel like one too many. I hope to see you back in our colors again before you hang it up. If you don’t come back, we’ll be sure to see you when your jersey inevitably hangs from our rafters and when your statue sits in front of our arena.

Dwyane Wade, thank you for your invaluable commitment and loyalty. We will love you far beyond the day the ball no longer hits the hardwood and our banners fall from the sky. You are far beyond just our Jordan, you are our Wade, and there will never be another.

Good Luck in Chicago, Flash.

And so I ask, especially to you Miami:

How can you not be romantic about Dwyane Wade?