We sing the songs of love and hope

The music, film, the idols we quote

Imagine a word united

United without fear

Where love is love

Straight or queer

But in a world with ups and downs

It’s hate that conquers year ’round

Gun shots down a barrel

The voice’s of mothers cry

Why their children?

Why did they have to die?

Voices heard in the distance

50 young lives lost

50 gone in an instance

The songs of mourning sang

When a mother calls their child’s phone

But it only rang and rang

And we say, Cowardly! Senseless!

Emotions begin to roar

Our revenge, we are relentless!

It’s time to settle the score

But not through anger, not through silence

Not through reciprocating acts of violence

So gather up, join the fight

When we unite, we bare no plight

Tell your brother, tell your sister

Tell anyone that’ll listen

We act with courage

And with the pride these cowards are missin’

So sing the songs of love, of hope

Sing with passion

Believe in the idols you quote

Because when I hear the words of Miranda, Lin

That love is love is love is love

I breath and I know that love will win

So live through laughter

Live in thought

And live to overcome your sadness

Defeat your theory and hate

Disguise it with love

And you, like I, will overcome this madness.